Shaji conducts regular classes in various parts of Chennai. He has integrated the nuances of martial movements, yoga and exercises to suit the requirements of people in the city. The classes begin with breathing exercises, warm-up exercises, meithari and kolthari. Yoga asanas are practiced to enhance flexibility and body control. Shaji over the past ten years of teaching Kalari in Chennai has modified the teaching methodology with a blend of traditional practices and modern life requirements.

For regular class details in Chennai, you can contact Shaji John at 9840031043 or Mail.




A newly built Kalari centre was inaugurated by renowned Kalari Guru E.P. Vasudevan Gurukkal on December, 30th, 2007. In 1998, regular Kalari class was started with a few people by the support of Chandralekha--Dancer-Choreographer, in Mandala, the space where she used to do her creative work. The class grew and gained popularity over the years. Skills cultural centre has dedicated a centre exclusively for the development of this martial art, known as Mandapa, adjacent to Mandala. It is built in the traditional Kerala style. This is an on-going regular Kalari school that has attracted men and women of all ages and professions.